Fairoak Grange EC October Arena Hire (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Thu, Oct 1, 2020 to Sat, Oct 31, 2020
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Starting Times:

Hourly slots available. Please note Trainers must have insurance.
Please let us know your preferred date and time and we will email within 48hrs to confirm your booking.

Hire Slot 1
Arena Hire     (Open)
Entry Fee:
Indoor Arena: £20 for up to 2 horses. 3 or more £30.
Hire Slot 2
Arena Hire     (Open)
Entry Fee:
Top Arena: £20 for up to 2 horses. 3 or more £30.
Hire Slot 3
Arena Hire     (Open)
Entry Fee:
Show Jumping Arena: £20 for up to 2 horses. 3 or more £30. Max 8 Horses per hour.

Show Secretary: Lindsey Dawes
Fairoak Grange, Ashford Hill, Thatcham, Berks, RG19 8BL
Tel: 01635 299367, Mobile: 07803 698333, Email: mail@fairoakgrange.co.uk, Website: www.fairoakgrange.co.uk

Fairoak Grange Equestrian Centre, Fairoak Grange , Ashford Hill , Thatcham , Berks RG198BL
Map Link: RG198BL

Payment Details & Event Fees

Bookings in advance only. You can book using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Fairoak Grange.
You will receive an email confirmation of your class entry and payment.

£20 per hour (up to 2 horses). 3 or more horses the price is £30.
For 5 horses or more horses you must Book the SJ Arena which permits up to 8 horses.


Private booking cancellations on less than 24 hours’ notice and Group bookings on less than one weeks’ notice will not be refunded. We reserve the right to cancel any booking should the necessity arise without notice if necessary. A full refund or alternative date would be given/offered in this situation.

Terms & Conditions

Completion of this form and payment must be made in advance of hire. Please provide a copy of your personal, group or instructors/trainers insurance. Any parties involved in hiring the arena should hold a minimum of third party liability and professional insurance where relevant. BD membership is sufficient for personal liability insurance.

1. Our indoor/outdoor SJ arena/top outdoor arena are each available to hire for a minimum hire time of one hour.
2. Each arena can accommodate a maximum of 4 horses at any one time except the SJ arena which can accommodate 8 horses.
3. The cost to hire the indoor/ outdoor SJ arena/top outdoor arena is: £20 per hour for private bookings of one or two horses and £30 per hour for three or more horses or group clinic/Riding Club/Pony Club/Dog Agility or similar bookings.
4. Hirers are asked to arrive in good time, and to keep to their allotted time slot. If the hirer wishes to set up equipment/course of jumps etc then this must be done within the allotted time unless agreed otherwise.
5. The hirer shall not use the facilities for any purpose other than the stated “purpose of hire” shown on this form and shall not sub-hire or use the facilities or allow the same to be used for any unlawful purpose or do anything which may endanger the same or any insurance policies in respect thereof.
6. Use of the arena is entirely at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer MUST hold current insurance to a minimum of Third Party Liability. If an Instructor or Trainer is using the facility in the course of business, they must hold the relevant professional insurance cover. A copy of this insurance may be requested and retained.
7. Correct footwear and clothing to be worn at all times. All riders must wear protective headgear conforming to BSI standards at all times when mounted, including warming up. Back protectors are recommended if you are jumping.
8. For biosecurity measures, at no time must you enter the stable yard, stables or other restricted areas. Please do not make contact with any of the other horses whilst at the premises.
8A. During the Covid 19 pandemic whilst UK Government restrictions are in place please ensure you and members of your group – if permitted – comply with any notices on site and keep 2m apart from any other person, use the hand sanitisers if appropriate placed at the indoor arena and, if used, in the toilet area and avoid touching surfaces and do not enter the Club room. Please park vehicles at least 2m apart in the visitors car park.
9. The hirer must ensure that all animals engaged in the event or permitted to attend are in good health and are up to date with vaccinations (for example: flu & tetanus) in accordance with British Dressage rules – ie last vaccination within 6 months of hire.
10. The hirer will leave the facilities in a clean and tidy state, ensuring all equipment is put away correctly (jumps etc), all droppings removed both from arenas and the lorry park field and all lights switched off at the end of hire or additional charges will apply and/or future hires may not be possible.
11. The hirer must read all fire, health and safety notices exhibited and bring their contents to the attention of all attending. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on site.
12. Please park your vehicles considerately and be aware of access and other users of the yard and its facilities. Please clear up any droppings, hay or bedding from the car park or lorry park, as well as any litter, and take these away with you.
13. If there are any breakages, damage or concerns about the facilities during your period of hire, we must be notified immediately. Any damage or breakages caused to the property or equipment shall be charged to the hirer at the new replacement value plus any carriage costs.
14. Fairoak Grange Ltd will not be liable for any damage caused whatsoever to vehicles, animals, trailers, lorries, individuals, etc., whilst the hirer is using their facilities with the exception of death or personal injury due to proven negligence of Fairoak Grange Ltd
15. Dogs are not permitted on the premises and children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and not left to roam at will.

Fairoak Grange Ltd reserve the right to cancel any future bookings if any of the above conditions are not adhered to.

I the undersigned, hereby agree and accept the terms and conditions laid out above and confirm that I have in place the public liability insurance required.

This information as provided above is intended to provide guidance and areas for consideration for those intending to enter into such arrangements. Anyone proposing to enter into such a written agreement should take consideration and their own legal advice as to their particular circumstances.


Email Secretary - mail@fairoakgrange.co.uk
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