Highton Riding Club Membership 2020 (Going Ahead)

Show Date
Mon, Jun 1, 2020 to Thu, Dec 31, 2020
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Class 1
Membership (Annual Adult)    
Entry Fee:
Class 2
Membership (Annual Junior)    
Entry Fee:
Class 3
Membership (Annual Non Riding)    
Entry Fee:
Non competing adult (must be taken with child)
Class 4
Membership (Day Only Adult)    
Entry Fee:
Class 5
Membership (Day Only Junior)    
Entry Fee:
Class 6
Membership (Day Only Non Riding)    
Entry Fee:
Non competing adult (must be taken with child)

Show Secretary: Highton Riding Club Entries Secretary
Isle of Man,
Email: hightonridingclub@gmail.com

Great Meadow Estate, Malew Road , Castletown , Isle of Man IM94EB
Map Link: IM94EB

Payment Details & Event Fees
You can Join using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Highton Riding Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your membership and payment.

Terms & Conditions
Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways. We will automatically contact you about your membership: for example, to ensure you receive your membership benefits, to tell you about news, local activities and events.

To see our full Privacy Notice, or if you need any further information, please write to us at hightonridingclub@gmail.com I hereby consent to Highton Riding Club using images of myself caught in video recordings, and/or photographs, taken/recorded at any Highton Riding Club event/show to be used in any GENERAL PUBLICITY – WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA

I understand that:
• my images will be held in accordance with the relevant Data Protection legislation
• that the images of myself captured in the video recordings and/or photographs will be the copyright of Highton Riding Club

By joining online you are agreeing to abide by all Highton Riding Club rules you are also agreeing to our Privacy Notice and giving consent in regards to the above photography/video


Email Secretary - hightonridingclub@gmail.com
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